Nokian Tyres Intuitu-a new tire management system

The new Nokian Tyres Intuitu lets you know how your tires are doing and you can check it based on one vehicle or a whole fleet through the cloud operated system.

So regardless if you want to check your fleet’s truck tires or if you have a tractor tires that you want to ensure that you have the correct inflation pressure, you can do it easily with Nokian Intuitu.

The Nokian Tyres Intuitu system allows drivers, fleet managers and even equipment manufacturers to gain access to monitor the tire pressure and allow for optimal performance.

For drivers this means safer work environment, higher productivity, easier monitoring of the tire pressure and sustainability.

For fleet managers it allows them to improve the tire service life, less machine downtime, lower cost of ownership, ability to plan and schedule service and ensure that tire pressure is at the correct levels.

For the equipment manufacturers it allows them to develop better products and promote sustainability.

Being connected to your tires allow for digital smart tires with tire pressure sensors, tire temperature sensors and tread wear sensors, that can be accessed through your mobile phone or a tablet.

This is then connected through an API to the Nokian data warehouse where the information can be accessed through the cloud to monitor the status of the tires.

Tire pressure is important in the fuel consumption of the equipment as well as the wear of the tires, so to make sure that you have long trouble free service life you will need to monitor your tire pressure.

More savings, better safety and longer warranty for your tires can all be achieved by using Nokian Tyres Intuitu.

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Some of the tires that you should include in the selection

If you are looking for good tires for your forestry equipment, you will probably be looking at Nokian Tyres, as they are the global market leader when it comes to forestry tires. They have a long history of working both with its customer and the equipment manufacturers to develop world-class tires that can perform in the toughest of conditions. Finland has these conditions in its own country with some of the harshest weather conditions combined with a terrain that include all the challenges that you can imagine.

If you are looking for harvester tires or forwarder tires, you probably will include Nokian Forest King or the Nokian Forrest Rider into your selection. The Nokian Forest Rider are radial tires and allow for a more comfortable ride, can handle higher loads and higher speeds. Both tire options have great traction in all forest conditions and can be used with or without tracks for when the conditions require them. You will also have excellent lateral grip, to keep you on the path.

If you are looking for skidder tires, then you will have the choice between Nokian Logger King and the Nokian Forest King. The Nokian Logger King tires are made for the biggest machines. They are extremely durable and built for long trouble free service life, which is what you need deep in the forest where any problems can quickly become costly and will slow down your operation. Fixing problems deep in the forest are by default challenging and costly and should be avoided by investing into premium tires and ensuring a good proactive service maintenance program that ensures that you can avoid costly downtime.

For finding the optimal tires for forestry that will enhance the performance of your forestry equipment and make sure that you can perform the work duties everyday regardless of weather conditions. Consult the technical tire manual to assure that you can match the dimension and the load that you require, so that you can find the market leader tires that will have the best grip and performance. So regardless if you are doing cut to length forestry or full tree, Nokian Tyres have tires that will get the job done without problems, so that you can enjoy high productivity without having to suffer from costly downtime.

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Tires designed for European roads

If you are in the market of buying new truck tires, the new Nokian E-Truck tires from Nokian Tyres might be your most economical choice for European roads. It is an all-season tire for regional medium and long haul transport. These tires provide you with economical tires that will make sure that you save money while you drive. These regional haul truck tires with low rolling resistance so that you obtain low fuel consumption coupled with low tire wear. This allows you to save money both on fuel and on tires while doing your driving.

The Nokian E-Truck tire comes in three different tire options depending on the positin of the truck. They all have different properties based on what is required in that position. The Steering tires, the Nokian E-Truck Steer, are tires that provide steady handling for medium or long drives. They are made for all year round use on the steer axles on medium or long haul trucks. They have excellent wet grip with a tread pattern that allows for steady and predictable handling, while providing good mileage.

You then have the drive tires that have a tread pattern that focuses on providing good traction; they have a much more open center tread design to ensure good traction. They have low rolling resistance for and tire noise for both fuel economy and high driving comfort. These are perfect at offering good grip in different kind of roads and weather conditions, making them perfect drive tires for the regional transport when it comes to economical tires with low and trouble free service life.

Then for the trailer they also have a tire option, the Nokian E-Truck Trailer that can handle the heavy load being transported on the trailer. They are designed for handling long journeys, while still providing low rolling resistance for good fuel economy. With the right combination of right tires in the right position ensures that you truck will provide good driving economy for your truck fleet operating in Europe for medium and long haul transport, where you need to get the deliveries done on time and as effectively as possible to be competitive and ensure that the business is maximizing its profit. These tires will allow you to lower your cost for your tire budget and your maintenance costs due to their long trouble free service life.

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Summer driving with your SUV

All-season tires are a great choice for summer driving with your SUV. Since SUVs are heavier than passenger cars, high-quality tires are important. Even though SUVs have four-wheel drive, good tires are important so they can maintain strong traction – especially in summer, when summer rains increase the risk of hydroplaning. A high-quality all-season tire can provide protection against hydroplaning, as the tread is designed for this.

There are many high-quality all-season tires on the market, like the Nokian Rotiiva HT, which is great for SUVs and light trucks. It features the new high modulus tread compound, stone ejectors, silent groove design, Silent Sidewall technology and polished grooves, along with offering low rolling resistance. This makes the tire a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly product. These features combine with Aramid Sidewall technology, which has puncture resistance with help of strong aramid fibers incorporated into the sidewall. All of this boosts the chance of a safe ride. The tire even has a driving safety indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres that allows the driver to inspect the tires to see when the tread depth is less than 4 millimeters, which could indicate a risk for hydroplaning.

The Nokian Rotiiva HT is an all-season tire that can be used from spring to fall but should not be used in winter. It is made up of the most advanced highway tread design with Nokian Tyres’ industry-leading technologies. The Silent Sidewall technology actually helps cut out noise and vibration carried over from the driving surface from the tire, so this tread design will allow ultra-quiet highway driving while protecting against hydroplaning with its staggered lateral grooves, which effectively remove water. Stone ejectors minimize the penetration of sharp stones into the tire, so it can even be used off-road.

All-season tires are a good solution for summer driving, since its tread design allows for the best in hydroplaning protection while allowing durability and comfortable summer highway driving in a way that’s tailored to SUVs. Another advantage of an all-season tire is the possibility of keeping one set of tires throughout the year at least if your geographical area does not experience true winter weather that requires snow tires.

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Few Reasons Why To Choose Nokian Tyres For Your Heavy Equipment

Nokian Tyres has a long history of producing high quality tires for some of the harshest conditions. They will work regardless of weather conditions and they are the global leader in forestry tires and winter tires.

When you don’t want weather get in the way for finishing a job, then you can count on Nokian Tyres to deliver every time.

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Buses Rely On The Best Tires To Keep The Timetable

For people that use buses to commute in the morning, rely on them to get them from their homes to their work on time. Arriving according to the schedule is important for the trust and reliability of the collective traffic. In a similar way are the regional buses and of course the airport buses, where delays might cause people to miss their planes. A key part of getting them from point A to point B safely and reliably will to a high degree depend on the tires that are mounted on the bus. Proper bus tires will be able to provide grip and control regardless of weather conditions.

Since tires provide the grip and control of the bus, the tires play the most important role for the safety of the passengers and the fact that you are able to get to your destination. Buses should operate regardless of weather conditions, so they should be able to drive safely regardless of thunderstorms during summers and during snowstorms during winter. It is all about making sure that you have the correct tires mounted. Nokian Tyres the inventor of winter tires for buses provide excellent bus tires for any type of conditions and for any type of bus. Regardless if it is a city bus or a regional traffic bus, you can find the correct tires.

For winter conditions, it is important to have tires that are approved for these conditions. Winter approved tires will have the 3PMSF-symbol, which is a three-peak mountain with a snowflake inside it. These tires have been tested and approved for usage in winter conditions, when you face freezing temperatures as well as when you have snow, ice or slush present. It is not safe to drive in these conditions with tires that are not approved for winter conditions. So for the safety of the passengers and the driver, proper tires should be mounted.

Low rolling resistance of the Nokian Tyres ensures low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. They provide excellent grip both for their winter approved tires as well as the around the year tires. They are very durable, so for city traffic, where you have a lot of curb impacts, the sidewalls are reinforced to protect them from cuts. The long distance bus tires also provide excellent wear properties.

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The Roughest Conditions For Tires Must Be Within Mining

Just looking at the mining environment you can imagine that this is some of the roughest conditions. You need to have ultra-durable tires for them to survive in this type of an atmosphere and you need to have really heavy equipment. These machines have to be able to carry enormous loads as well as be able to drive up and down from the mines. So, you need to have superb traction and engines that can power the equipment with these loads despite the uphill.

Sharp rocks and stones combined with extreme loads make this probably the toughest environment only for the toughest tires. The sizes of these tires are impressive and some of the biggest ones are enormous, so you can just imagine changing one of these tires. If a tire will crack or get cut and a tire needs to be changed, it will be both costly and time consuming and reduce the intended output. This is the main reason that when the tire selection is done, there is a lot of emphasis on how crack and cut resistant the tires are and how durable they are, to ensure that you improve output and limit any expensive downtime.

You often tend to have different tires for the different operating conditions, where underground loading applications, which are able to provide an extremely cut and crack resistant tire to protect the tires from accidental cuts in the harsh mining operations. They also have to manage extreme loads to ensure a smooth operation with as little downtime as possible.

Nokian Tyres offer special mining tires to ensure that you get long operating time out of the tires.  These tires are made with an extreme cut and crack resistant tire compound. The remaining tread depth can easily be checked from the side of the tire, through a groove indicator, which makes it easy to quickly make an assessment.

Some of the main equipment used in mining are the mine loader underground also known as LDL, load-haul-dump loaders, articulated dump truck, drill rigs, wheeled excavators. The needs are pretty much the same for all the tires for these equipment, long lasting durable tires with good cut and crack resistance to avoid any downtime due to tire failure. Check the tires technical manual to make your selection and check the tire pressure.

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Logger Tires

Long gone are the days when loggers mainly relied mainly on axes and saws. Today it is about heavy machinery and heavy tires, even though chainsaws are still around. In big scale forestry they are being less frequently used as todays equipment can fell, take away the branches and cut it into perfect length all within the same machine.

Today most of the work is done with heavy equipment like a harvester to cut the tree down and removing the limbs and then bucking it before a skidder drags the log out from the stump to the landing, where it can then be further shipped of by a logger truck.

Great tires for today’s loggers that rely on heavy machinery to get the job done, is the new Nokian Logger King LS-2 from Nokian Tyres, are outstanding logger tires that are durable and made for the heavy and rough terrain you will experience within forestry. When you place these beauties on your skidder you are ready to meet any challenges. They are ultra durable and puncture resistant so that you can maximize the up time. You can even use this tire with tracks, if circumstances require that.

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When Your Business Depends On It

If your business depends on that your heavy equipment deliver day in and day out, you need to make sure that you have superior tires. Tires that are durable enough and have low wear, this is to ensure that you don’t loose production time by having to change tires or ending up with a flat tire. Heavy equipment tires have to be much more durable than tires for smaller vehicles. The cost implications for any downtime can be huge, so you will need to make sure that the tires that you choose will be able to handle the roughest environments combined with changing weather conditions.

When you have heavy equipment, it is a benefit if you can drive them on normal roads to the place where they will perform their duties. This saves a lot of logistical challenges and costs, but from the tire perspective it puts a lot of extra demands on them, as in addition to being ultra durable and wear resistant, they now also need to manage to drive in high speeds on normal roads between the projects. This requires that you don’t have a high heat buildup in the tire, as that would increase the wear drastically. This is when heavy truck tires come into the picture.

The tires also have to be designed for the extremely heavy load, as you don’t want the tread to crack during a shift, due to very heavy load. There is a lot of research going into optimizing the treads to ensure that they will give the tire the best performance. The treads might just look rugged, but they will have been carefully designed with every shape and every groove having a purpose. It will both give the sturdiness, the grip, and the ability to push away mud or snow. It will also be able to protect the tire from rupturing. As you can imagine this combination of different factors that the tires have to live up to combined with the fact that any downtime can be very costly requires very strict requirements in terms of quality and performance.

So regardless of what machinery or requirement you might have, Nokian Tyres have a vast offering of tires for most types of heavy machinery and they have also the experience from hard Nordic winter weather and over 80-year experience from making winter tires, which means that they can perform well even in the cold winter conditions. Their Nokian Hakkapeliittarange is a world class winter tire option, for the most challenging conditions.

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If You Are Expecting Winter, Its Time To Change Tires

 Regardless of what vehicle you are driving, if you are expecting harsh winter conditions in the coming months, you will need dedicated winter tires. If you only have light winters and moderate climates, then you might be ok with an all-weather tire that has been approved for winter use. There is a vast selection of those tires as well. Make sure that you pick a good quality one, to ensure that you get the performance you are looking for, when the winter conditions finally hit.  The key is to have the proper tires on before the winter weather arrives.

If you expect to have real winter weather conditions with icy and snowy roads, then you should go for a proper winter tires. A tire that has been officially approved for winter use will have a symbol indicating that hit has been approved for winter use. This means that it has passed the stringent requirement in terms of handling on icy and snowy surfaces. The symbol is a snowflake inside a mountain with three tops. You should check that you have this symbol on your tires and that you tires are in good condition, meaning that they have enough tread depth.

Good quality winter tires will come in either studded or non-studded versions. A studded tires will be superior on icy and tightly packed snow.  If you need superior traction on ice, then a studded tire is your best bet. If you prefer a non-studded tire, you have many good options. There are great tires regardless of what type of vehicle you are driving. Make sure that you get the right dimension and a good quality set. Driving during the winter conditions is challenging, so you should do everything you can to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Winter driving also requires that you drive smoothly, that you slowly push down the gas pedal to ensure that you get enough traction to move the vehicle forward. The same goes when you try to stop the vehicle. The best is to slowly press the brakes. Any maneuvers you do, should be done cautiously. Try to avoid sharp rapid turns on icy surfaces. Control your speed to ensure that you can stop in time. The braking distance increases significantly when you have icy conditions. So make sure that you keep your distances to the vehicles in front of you.

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