Why it is important to change to winter tires

Winter tires are superior to summer tires already when the temperatures are below freezing. This is due to the fact that the summer tires get hard and can’t provide the necessary friction needed to provide the good grip. They of course also are much better than summer tires on winter surfaces such as snow, ice and slush.

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New innovations in all-season tires

New innovations in all-season tires allow for excellent driving performance even in the summer. It used to be the case that you needed dedicated summer tires to get excellent dry and wet traction on baking hot, slightly damp or wet roads. This is because summer tires are made of a tread compound (the mix of rubber and fillers that make up the tread) containing sticky additives for road grip in wet and dry conditions. They have a tread pattern that is shallower with straighter grooves than basic all season tires, with solid continuous ribs to keep the rubber in contact with the road. This used to be an advantage of summer tires compared to all-season tires; however, with advances in tire technologies, the all-season tires of today make the need for dedicated summer tires obsolete. 

Some of these new innovations have been used in the Nokian eNTYRE all-season tires. This includes new technologies like cooling edges, polished grooves, 3D sipes, silent groove design and a hydroplaning indicator. This allows these tires to have excellent grip, great handling, quiet drive and low rolling resistance – in other words, the same benefits you see in a dedicated summer tire without the need to change tires after the summer season. Summer tires were originally considered the best choice to protect against hydroplaning from unexpected rain showers in the summer; however, with advances in all-season tires like the Nokian eNTYRE’s polished grooves technology, you will be well protected against hydroplaning. These polished grooves and slippery main grooves allow water to flow easily and effectively to reduce the risk of getting involved in accidents due to hydroplaning.

New all-season tires also allow for better handling through a wider temperature range compared to summer tires that get rigid in colder temperatures. The Nokian eNTYRE has 3D lock sipes that stiffen the structure of the tires to reduce heat generation in the tires. This helps withstand the stress of poorer road conditions and improve handling on dry dusty summer roads.

The all-season tires of today offer excellent wet and dry grip with the flexibility of year-round use. New technologies like polished grooves and silent groove design make dedicated summer tires unnecessary. All-season tires offer predictable handling for different conditions as well as hydroplaning protection.

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Can you get all-weather tires for your hybrid or electric SUV?

A driver was in the market to get SUV all-weather tires for his new hybrid SUV. He knew that he didn’t want to deal with changing tires during the different seasons but needed a tire that would be able to handle the winters in Portland, Oregon. After doing his homework, he ran across an all-weather tire suitable for a hybrid or electrical car. He opted for the Nokian WR G4 SUV tire which is already the fourth generation of this high performing tire, tough enough for all seasons.

The driver needed tires to handle well even in the winter and was the reason for choosing an all-weather tire compared to all-season tires. This is because the all-season tires are only good in three seasons and not four as the name would have you believe. The all-weather tires are marked with the mountain snowflake symbol which indicates that they are designated for use in severe winter conditions. Since he has a hybrid SUV and knoew that hybrids and especially hybrid SUVs are heavier than regular cars due to their battery packs, he was aware he needed maximum grip to guarantee excellent braking on icy and snowy roads. He felt the Nokian WR G4 was a reliable tire for his family’s safety in winter driving conditions.

Nokian WR G4 SUV tires combine uncompromising performance and excellent grip through all seasons while allowing reliable handling no matter what the forecast. The tire steers well on sun-scorched asphalt as well as wet or snowy grounds with predictable grip all year round. It is designed with many new innovations like the “Aramid Sidewall Technology” which improves durability while protecting against cuts, “Centipede Siping” to allow maximum contact with the surface to increase grip on snow and slush, and dual performing SUV compound which increases stiffness with its new “SUV performance resin” to provide a perfectly balanced combination of winter and summer properties.

When looking into what tires to buy for your hybrid SUV for use all year round, you need to keep in mind what kind of driving you will be doing and where you live. As this driver lives in the Portland, Oregon, he needed a tire that could perform well in winter conditions however if he lived for example in Phoenix, Arizona, SUV all-season tires could have sufficed. Keeping in mind that dedicated winter or summer tires will always outperform an all year round tire in their perspective seasons.

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The Best Ways To Maintain Your Tires

Here are a few things you should do to ensure that your tires will last a long time, at least as long until they are worn out by its normal use. Here are a few things that are good to follow regardless if you have a car or an SUV and if you have summer tires or winter tires.

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How To Avoid Hydroplaning

Having experienced the frightening feeling of losing control of your vehicle due to hydroplaning, I wanted to find the best tire to avoid this happening in the future. Tire manufacturers are always coming up with new technologies to help deal with issues like hydroplaning but not even a good tire can’t completely eliminate the risk. This is why it’s important to know what to do when your car starts hydroplaning. First of all, keep cool. It is easier said than done but it’s important to not panic and slam on the brakes. The best thing to do if you start hydroplaning is to stay straight, let the car to decelerate by itself and try to regain the feel of the road and control of your car. Try to avoid hydroplaning by always looking ahead of you on the road and avoiding any large puddles and reducing your speed in rainy conditions.

Using a good quality tire with adequate tread depth and tire pressure is important. Hydroplaning does not just pertain to water (aquaplaning), you can also hydroplane with slush (slushplaning). Slushplaning can happen when the snow starts melting, leaving slush on the road.

Ideally, with this in mind, a dedicated tire for each season might be the absolute best way to go. However this might not be feasible or necessary. It depends partly on where you live.

Summer tires like the Nokian zline tire is a good tire for the summer weather and it’s equipped with “swoop grooves” to effectively prevent aqua planing by enabling excellent wet grip. It is well known that summer rain is the reason for many traffic accidents in the summer. So, having a tire like the Nokian zLine that protects from hydroplaning with its large swoop groves is an extra protection to keep you and your family safe.

All weather tires like the Nokian WR G3 tire have polished main grooves to effectively clean snow, slush, and water off the tire to ensure that the tire grips the road, thereby protecting you against both aquaplaning and slush planing. The rubber compound of all-weather tires remains flexible even in below freezing temperatures just like winter tires and the all-weather tire also features the snowflake mountain symbol. However, when you take a close look at the all-weather tire, you will find that it is somewhat different from a winter tire.

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Safe Driving Will Depend A Lot On Your Tire Choice

As I operate the local driving school, safety comes me always first. I think most people want to be safe when driving. However it always surprises me that people don’t know much about tires. People seem to be more concerned about picking a safe car than  what kind of tires they have. Tire choice  depends partly on where you live. Do you need to change to summer tires in the summer and winter tires in the winter or can you put on all-weather tires? Tires being a key safety factor in driving, it is thereby important to spend sufficient time on selecting and choosing a high quality tire. Safety was something that I placed high priority on when picking the tires for my driving school car.

In some countries it is mandatory to use winter tires during the winter season; as they are much safer for winter road conditions. Having said that there is a big difference in the different winter tires. Depending on what kind of winter conditions you have where you live, you need to spend some time to figure out which winter tire is the best for your area and driving conditions. So, if you have put a lot of efforts into selecting a safe car, make sure that you put equal effort into finding a tire that will provide you the safety that you want. A safe car with unsafe tires is not a safe car.

There are lots of tires on the market today. It’s important to know what road and weather conditions that you are buying tires for. If you live in an area with heavy rain you need to get a tire to handle the risk for aquaplaning. Make sure you have proper groove depth in your tires to remove  water and to allow the tire to remain in contact with the road surface. Even though no tire completely eliminates the risk of hydroplaning, using new quality tires significantly reduces the risk. Hydroplaning is not just a risk in rainy conditions, there is also the possibility to hydroplane on slush which is known as “slush planing”. This condition occurs when the sun melts the snow into slush and is, in fact, more dangerous than hydroplaning.

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Safe Driving With Your SUV All Year Round

The sales of SUVs is increasing. GM recently announced that it will close 3 factories in the US to focus on more profitable SUVs. People like everything about the SUVs. They tend to be safer, they have more space for the family, and they look great. All the major attributes that you want from a day-to-day vehicle, regardless of whether you use it as your main vehicle to drive to work, or your secondary car for the family. Today’s gasoline prices are not at the highest level either, so the trend of driving the smallest possible vehicle has halted a bit. And there’s always an option to go for a hybrid SUV, which will make driving more economical.

To ensure the best safety and performance when you drive you will need to get a good set of tires to your SUV. You need either a set of winter tires that you combine with a set of summer tires. Alternatively you can get a set of all-weather tires which you can probably use throughout the year. The advantage of the all-weather tires is that you are always prepared for different weather conditions. You will be able to manage mild winter weather with snowy and icy roads as well as dry and wet summer roads. It is important to make sure that you select an SUV all weather tires that has been approved for use in winter to ensure that the tires manage the challenging winter condition.

Switching between SUV summer tires and SUV winter tires gives you better performance and more safety in harsh weather conditions. You just need to ensure that you change the tires on time and before the weather changes drastically. When you have the summer tires mounted, it is important that you change them before the temperature drops, as summer tires are not performing well at freezing temperatures. You can change to winter tires when you notice temperatures dropping. When you have freezing temperatures and icy road surfaces, you will be in danger if you try to drive with summer tires.

With All-weather tires on your SUV, you will be ready to drive regardless of the weather. This may be important if you need your car on a daily basis.

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What Tire Options Do You Have For Your SUV?

There are a lot of tire options for your SUV. The key is to get specific SUV tires, the tires that have been designed for an SUV. There are SUV summer tires, SUV winter tires and SUV all-weather tires. With each one of these you have different choices. If you are likely to face a lot of snow, ice and other extreme winter conditions, then your best option is to get two sets of tires, one for summer and one for winter.

If you only have occasional winters or not too extreme winters, then you may manage with a winter approved SUV all-weather tire that you can use for both seasons. The advantage is that you are ready for any type of weather when you have a set of SUV all-weather tires mounted on your SUV. You don’t have to worry about not being safe when you encounter snow and ice, as these tires have the capacity to handle mild winter conditions. You will be in much better hands than if you were driving with summer tires on the snowy, icy or slushy roads. That can be fatal.

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What Is A Winter Approved Tire?

A tire that is approved for use in winter is a tire that has been designed for winter use. It has been designed with winter in mind, so that the rubber compound will remain soft even at low winter temperatures. The tread has been optimized for the winter weather conditions that include, snow, slush and ice.

Summer tires have a rubber compound that is vastly different from that of a winter tire. The rubber compound in a summer tire will lose the grip when the temperatures drop because the rubber becomes hard; therefore a rubber compound in a winter tire is completely different.

A winter approved tire has the properties needed during wintertime. The grooves are designed to handle snow and slush. The tread design is very different between summer and winter tires. In winter you can have either non-studded tires or studded tires, which will perform especially well on ice.

If you drive with a winter approved tire, then you are ready for the winter when it arrives. You can  drive safely on snowy, icy and slushy roads. It is definitely not safe to drive with tires that are not winter approved when you have harsh winter conditions.

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Get Your New Winter Tires From Our Tire Shop

The most convenient time to purchase new tires is when you change tires from summer tires to winter tiresor vice versa. As you are anyway changing tires, you may as well install a new set of tires. You should always replace the tires when the tread depth gets below 0,16 inches or 4 mm.

It is always better to replace all four tires at the same time to ensure that the car will have equal grip in all four tires. If you only change two tires, the car can be difficult to maneuver. This is also the reason why the tires should be rotated between front and rear axles every season. This should make the wear more even among the four tires, so that you can purchase four new tires when they need to be replaced. The tire shops usually have a large selection of tires, as many people tend to buy new tires when they are getting them changed.

When you use two sets of tires, summer tires and winter tires, you don’t need to buy tires that often as they are only being used half the year and the other part of the year they are just being stored. Considering this, make sure that you buy a good quality tire that will last for a long time as well as one that will make your journeys safe as you drive on wintry roads.

The selection of tires is nowadays very large, with numerous brands making different types of tires. It can be a bit difficult to choose the best tire for you and your vehicle. It is good to read the tire reviews and tire tests to ensure that you get a tire with low rolling resistance as that impacts your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If your tires have a high rolling resistance you will have to use more fuel, which can be costly. Check also tire noise, as that can impact your driving comfort.

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