When to choose studded tires versus non-studded tires

If you live in an area with severe winters, it is important to invest in high-quality tires. There are many good winter tires on the market, and it’s not always easy to know which tires to choose. To complicate matters even further, there are both non-studded winter tires and studded winter tires. All dedicated winter tires, studded and non-studded, hold the three-peak mountain snow flake symbol that indicates they meet the required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated. So, what makes studded tires better than non-studded tires for some drivers?

Studded tires have metal studs embedded within the tread that are designed to dig into the ice and provide ultimate traction. The drawback with studded tires is that they can only be used in winter months and are actually outlawed in several states. This is because the studs that are so efficient in providing traction on ice and snow can damage bare roads.

In recent years, there have been a lot of advances in rubber compounding technology, tread design and other unique technologies that make the need for studded tires less vital. Non-studded winter tires generally have deeper tread depth, which allows the tire to maintain traction by managing snow and slush dispersion from under the tire. Tires like the Nokian Nordman 7 come with both options, either factory studded or without studs. This gives the consumer the option to choose based on his or her needs, while enjoying a state-of-the-art tire that has been uniquely designed to handle the harshest of winters.

The Nokian Nordman 7’s factory-studded version features an innovative stud design and stud support system that takes grip and stability to an advanced level. It has a new eco-stud system as well as a stud run-in indicator. It also has bear claw technology, which offers unrelenting grip with its sharp-edged claw-like projections. The bear claws also help keep the studs perpendicular to the road, which is the ideal position especially during braking and lateral movement.

Whether choosing the non-studded or factory studded version of this high-quality winter tire, you will not be disappointed. For SUVs there is the Nokian Nordman 7 SUV studded tires.

The factory-studded version ensures the quality, durability and fit of the studs and delivers the best possible tire-stud function. The air cushion beneath the stud on both the passenger and SUV winter tires offers a lighter-rolling tire that is less damaging to the surface of the road than ordinary studded tires without compromising driver safety.

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When is it a good idea to get winter tires for your SUV?

To increase safety, it’s very important to invest in good winter tires, especially if you live in an area of heavy snow and real winter conditions, even if you own an SUV.  This is because an SUV is a much heavier vehicle, and even though the SUV benefits from four-wheel drive it is actually the tires that provide grip and therefore traction. If you live in an area with severe winters, the best option is to invest in dedicated winter tires for your SUV. Winter tires exist both studded and non-studded versions, with the former being the ultimate for severe winters.

There are many different SUV winter tires on the market; however, if you are looking for a budget-friendly tire the Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires are a good option. They exist either factory-studded or without studs. They provide well-balanced grip due to the unique Bear Claw technology that provides safe handling during extreme conditions. They offer well-balanced grip, especially for heavy vehicles, to ensure better control and handling. It is important to have winter tires installed before winter arrives and temperatures drop below freezing. Even if you are currently running SUV all-season tires, you would still need to switch to dedicated winter tires once temperatures drop below freezing. This is because the rubber compound of all-season tires is not made for below-freezing temperatures and therefore is not suitable for the cold winter weather. 

Winter tires are usually made of rubber compounds that remain flexible and soft even under low temperatures. This is different from all-season and summer tires that tend to become stiffer in cold weather conditions. Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires also feature a highly grooved tread pattern that provides optimal performance on cold roads. These grooves push heavy snow and water aside to prevent slushplaning and hydroplaning. This is a very important feature, as slushplaning is probably more dangerous than aquaplaning and occurs when snow melts to slush on the roads. Nokian Nordman 5 SUV tires are environmentally friendly, and the new eco stud system’s modern stud concept distributes the stud’s impact force across a wider area, reducing road wear and assuring that noise level is at a comfortable level.

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What To Consider When Buying Winter Tires For A SUV

Our family just purchased a beautiful ranch property in Montana I realize I needed to invest in some good qualitySUV winter tires to insure my families safety while driving on snow and ice. Even though we have a 4-wheel drive vehicle with the winter conditions in Montana we needed to make sure the tires were well adapted for our SUV especially considering the additional weight of an SUV, braking distance was of concern. It is especially important to have good grip on the road as Montana can experience quite high winds, which make the driving conditions in the winter even more challenging. We just recently put the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 on our family car we decided to look for another Nokian tire especially made for SUV. We choose the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV for our SUV.

We decided to invest in dedicated winter tires because even though we have a 4-wheel drive it does not take away the need for winter tires. It might even be more important to invest in high quality tires, as the SUV is much heavier and therefore more difficult to stop especially on icy snowy roads. So dedicated winter tires are important when you live in a place like Montana with real winter road conditions.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV uses this technology of the grip claws between the tread blocks to be able to improve grip and thereby handling on snow, slush and ice. In fact this version of the tire is able to stop even quicker than its predecessor. The improved grip will also help maneuver the vehicle in high winds, something to expect in Montana. Another great feature is the lower rolling resistance, which translates into higher fuel economy. And if this wasn’t enough these tire benefit from the Nokian Aramid sidewall technology. A very sturdy sidewall built with aramid fibers that are exceptionally durable and puncture resistant, something that will come in very handy on our very rocky access road.

We decided to equip both our SUV and family passenger car with dedicated winter tires as we felt the Montana winter road conditions gave us no other choice. Once spring comes around we will need to make the decision to either buy all-season tires or all-weather tires. I realize that it’s not necessary for everyone to purchase dedicated winter tires. However for my family we felt it was the safest choice without compromising performance.

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Why To Choose The Best Tire For Winter

When you drive during wintertime, the weather conditions can change a lot and rapidly. This is why you want to have the most advanced winter tires mounted on your car or SUV. Regardless if you choose a studded or a non-studded tire, you want to make sure that you get the best performance from the tires. Even your SUV needs a set of the most advanced SUV winter tires with excellent grip and stability to make sure that you can drive safely in the varying and harsh weather conditions.

Wintertime can offer really extreme weather conditions, but with the right tires, you can drive regardless of the weather. Nor icy, snowy or slushy roads will be a challenge for the most advanced winter tires. You can skip the weather forecast and know that you are ready for any weather. You will have stable and precise driving experience even at high speeds. Good control and handling as well as short braking distance will make your trip safer.

The grooves on the tire tread push away snow, water and slush to ensure that you have excellent handling and grip on all surfaces. Grip is firm and logical even on the snowy roads that haven’t been snow plowed yet. So make sure that your tires are winter approved to ensure that you will get home safely.

If you want the most advanced tire with excellent driving comfort and durability, choose a tire that uses the latest rubber compound, tread pattern, and structural solutions. Low rolling resistance ensures that your tires are good for the environment and consume less fuel as you drive. This will give you an economical benefit for every kilometer that you drive. Don’t waste money by choosing a tire that doesn’t have a low rolling resistance.

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Don’t Be Fooled To Think That Your SUV Doesn’t Need Winter Tires

All vehicles that drive in extreme winter conditions need winter tires. There is no way around that. Summer tires are designed for summer weather; they are not designed for snow, ice and slush. They are not even designed for being used at freezing temperatures. You can’t expect an SUV to perform well in winter without equipping it with a set of SUV winter tires.

Don’t make the mistake and think that rugged summer tires will do the job. You will most likely end up with a bad result. If your tires are not winter approved, then buy a set that are.

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How To Optimize The Driving Performance Of Your SUV

To ensure that you get the most out of your SUV, it is important that you take good care of it. Make sure that you follow the service manual and do the necessary regular service checks. If your SUV isn’t well maintained it will be difficult to get most out of it in terms of performance. Between the service checks, you also need to make sure that all parts of the car are taken care of.

Your tires are an integral part of you SUVs safety and performance. You need to buy tires that will match the performance of your SUV. You need to get specific SUV tires. If you live in an area that will face real winter conditions, then you need to get SUV winter tires, to be able to drive in these conditions. Without a tire that is approved for use in winter conditions, it will be dangerous to drive on icy or snowy roads. If you try to drive with for example summer tires in winter, your summer tires will not be able to perform well at all. It is dangerous to try to drive with summer tires in harsh winter conditions. Summer tires are designed for warm summer conditions and not for cold winters.

Your tires need to be maintained during the whole year. Make sure that you check the condition of your tires when you fuel your car, to ensure that there are no cuts and tears in the rubber. You need to check that the tread depth is more than 0.16inches, to ensure proper performance and safety. Low tread depth is dangerous to drive with, as it will cause the tires to slide and not have the necessary grip. Also the braking distance is increased, meaning that you will not be able to get your car to stop as quickly. We do need to rely on having a short braking distance in order to avoid accidents when we drive.

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SUV Winter Tires

 Every vehicle needs special tires in the harsh winter season, when it is freezing cold and roads are covered with snow and ice. Tires that are approved for winter driving will have a symbol indicating that they are approved for winter conditions. Without this symbol, your tires might be dangerous to drive with when the temperature drops below freezing.

So make sure that you choose a tire that allows you to drive safely, as the temperature drops and the winter comes. Non-studded SUV winter tires or SUV all weather tires are both options that are approved for winter driving and that allow you to drive safely during the coldest season of the year. So, stay safe and make sure that you have proper tires on your vehicle.

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SUV Tires For Various Conditions

 Many people buy an SUV or a truck as they have a specific need for some of the special features of these vehicles. Others seem to buy them because of how they look. It is often reported that they are safer than normal cars. This usually comes from the fact that you are seated higher and that they are heavier than especially smaller cars. If you plan to drive off road or just use the vehicle for normal highway and city traffic, you will have a good vehicle for all conditions. The main change you might need to do for your vehicle is to make sure that you have the proper tires for the conditions that you plan to drive in. You can compare it to people who need to adapt the cloths and shoes for the particular conditions they face.

If you want optimal performance out of your vehicle, your tires are an integral part of achieving this. If you plan to drive off-road or in harsh conditions, you need to have tires that are suitable for off-road driving. If you will face a mixture of conditions, a set of all-weather tires might be your best bet. They will face smooth asphalt driving as well as off-road conditions. If you plan to throw winter conditions into the mix, then you will need tires that have been approved for winter conditions. This means that they will perform well within the winter’s usual temperature interval.

An SUV or a truck will need good quality SUV winter tires if you plan to drive in real winter conditions. The heavy weight of the vehicle can be dangerous if you start spinning out of control or try to brake on icy roads. If you have a lot of ice, you should have a studded tires to ensure that you can get your vehicle to stop quickly and even to get the vehicle started as you accelerate, as you will need enough traction to move it forward. So, if you want to stay safe and keep your vehicle and yourself out of accidents, make sure that you change your tires early enough and well in advance before the temperatures drop and the first snow falls.

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Also Your Truck And Your SUV Need Snow Tires

If you live in an area where you are likely to have weather conditions that include snow, slush and ice, then you definitely will need to equip your truck, SUV or van with proper tires that are approved for winter conditions. As the vehicles are quite big and look like they can drive through any type of road or in weather conditions, you need to realize that the rubber compound used in SUV summer tires is different to that used in SUV winter tires. In winter tires, the rubber compound stays soft and flexible even at very low temperatures. The summer tires are optimized for warm and summery weather.

This all means that trying to drive with an SUV summer tire during winter conditions will most likely not end well. You need a tire that has been made with the correct rubber compound and that has been tested and approved for winter conditions. The winter tires will have specific tread design to ensure that they perform well on snow, slush and ice. Some even have metal studs integrated in to the tread to increase the friction especially on ice and tightly packed snow. These studded tires are the best for those conditions.

Other tire option for winter weather are the non-studded tires, also often referred to as studless tires, that use sipes and even hard crystal like additives into the tread to ensure high friction on icy surfaces.  The tread pattern also ensures that snow and slush can be removed to maintain good road contact.

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Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Winter Tires for Your SUV

Installing winter tires when the cold season approaches is not a luxuryas some vehicle owners tend to think. In fact, you may end up saving some money when you use the winter tires during the cold season because some insurance firms offer amazing discounts when vehicle owners use them. More importantly, the best winter tires can improve your safety on the wintry roads and make your driving experience better. Continue reading “Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Winter Tires for Your SUV”