Use liquid ballasting for your tires

Ballasting can be used for certain applications and is not uncommon in agriculture and forestry, where the tractor tires or the forestry tires are filled with water or a water and salt mixture to prevent freezing.

Water ballasting increases the weight, so that the equipment will be more stable and you will have better traction and be able to reduce slip.

You should use tubes to prevent the rims from rusting. Also you should use special water permeable valves. Use the tubes that are recommended by the tire manufacturer. Warranties can be invalid otherwise, the same goes if you use anything else than liquid to fill the tires.

If you are only operating above freezing and freezing is not an issue, you will only use water and you should fill 75% of the tire volume with water and the remaining volume with air to get to the recommended tire pressure. The tire volume can be found in the technical manual.

If you need the tires to be able to handle -30°C / -22°F, you will need to add commercial salt, so that the combined volume is 75% volume, you should use the tables that can be found in the technical manual.

Make sure to check the pressure regularly as it is only 25% of the volume that is air. The pressure should also be checked when there are big changes in the temperature.

Ballasting is not something that is always needed, however if you have massive slip and tracks or chains are not possible, then liquid ballasting with water will provide your equipment with increased machine stability. The weight will increase so you will have higher fuel costs, but if the productivity is increased due to less slip it will be worth it.

It is recommended that a professional tyre shop will fill the tires.

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Globalization Means More Products Are Moving Around

With more trade due to globalization where things are produced where it is cheapest and then transported all around the globe. This puts a lot of pressure on having an efficient logistic network all over the world.

A lot of the continental transport is done via container shipments by sea and then loaded to trucks on road networks through different logistic hubs until it reaches the end destination close to you and maybe shows up on the shelf in your shopping mall.

There are a lot of different machines and equipment involved in the process, from ships, via cranes to trucks. The various tires involved in the process are also a very important part of the process to ensure that there is safety on the roads.

The big trucks will need to have long haul tires that can drive long distances with heavy load and also through any type of weather conditions. Delayed shipments due to vehicle or tire problems can cause whole shipments to go bad. So the tire selection is very important. Check the tires technical manual to make sure that your selection is optimal.

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