Tires For Your Mining Operations

For underground mining it is important to have state of the art equipment and match those with the best in class tires for each of the different equipment. The basic workhorse equipment that basically any mining operation will have is the articulated dump truck for easy maneuverability and an underground loader. The underground loader is of load-haul-dump type often with a low profile to fit even in small spaces in the mine. The equipment is very durable and rugged and built to last. Good maneuverability is key for the equipment in the small tunnels in the mines.

These machines need to be equipped with good mining tires, you need articulated dump truck tires and you need tires for the underground loader. You then will need some drilling and excavating equipment. Excavator and some drill rig or other type of equipment to mine with is then the most used equipment down in the mine. With these machines you get pretty far. All the equipment is very expensive, so utilization is important to provide efficient mining.

For the tires you need tires that have very high cut and crack resistant rubber. Driving precision and stability is key when you drive the special equipment that is built to have high maneuverability in the narrow spaces. Load capacity to keep up with the heaviest machines in the market is also essential. Consult the tires technical manual to make sure that you select the correct tire with the right load capacity for each machine, also make sure that you have the correct tire pressure for the specific tire.

Downtime can be very costly as the utilization rate diminishes, so it is important to keep maintenance at the highest level. Wash off the tires at the end of each shift and check the tires for any cuts or cracks. Tread depth and tire pressure should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the tires are operating under proper conditions. Repairing tires down in the mine is not the most convenient place and it will disturb the working pattern and cause downtime that can affect also the other equipment that are working down in the mine. Hopefully the regular maintenance and the continuous checks will reduce any unforeseen downtime so that operations can continue smoothly and at least the downtime due to tires can be diminished.

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Best Type Of Tires For Farming

The most used equipment within agriculture is the tractor. Tractors and other agriculture equipment will need proper tires to perform the tasks as intended. The wrong tire selection can easily make the work difficult or even impossible to perform. Often farming will require flotation tires so that they don’t sink and get stuck on loose surfaces. The advantage of flotation tires is that they float on top of the surface and use its large surface area to distribute the weight. This has made them some of the best tires today for various agriculture applications.

The tractor has replaced the use of animals to pull ploughs and other equipment to perform the heavy tasks during agriculture. The tractors are very versatile as tool carries and there are numerous of different attachments that can be used together with the tractor.  In addition to tires for your tractors, some of the attachments that you will need also require the correct tires to perform optimally. Some of the attachments are without tires, but might put even more pressure on the tires that you have on your tractor, requiring better traction and better durability. It can also require a higher load index of your tires.

The lower pressure achieved by spreading the load over a bigger surface, will give you lower surface compaction that can almost reduced the yield by half, can be avoided.  You also reduce the risk of getting stuck on the field and having to use a secondary tractor to get you out of there. Any problems or downtime does affect your yield and should be avoided, so choose the correct tires from the start to avoided any possible downtime. So tire selection is important process to take into consideration from the start and is an integral part of buying any new equipment to ensure that the tractor, the attachment and the tire work well together.

Agricultural tires need to be selected carefully; flotation tires can be superior for industrial farming where low compaction is preferred. Optimize the tire for the most used attachment that you will use on your tractor and if you change between attachments, then check the tires technical manual if change will require a different tire pressure. Agriculture is hard enough as it is with often-squeezed margins, so you need the best performance to gain a yield advantage.

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Proper Tire Maintenance For Heavy Equipment- Ways To Improve Safety And Reducing Downtime

When it comes to heavy machinery, the tires are key part in its performance. It is therefore very important with proper tire maintenance. A tire failure can be very dangerous for the personnel and people being in the area, so proper tire management can increase the safety.

Clean and inspect the tires after each workday and inspect the tires, looking for any visible damages to the sidewalls, the tread and the rim. Replacing the tires when they worn out or damaged before explode, rupture or crack will improve the safety as well as reduce any unforeseen downtime.

Downtime can be very costly and increase the cost for a project significantly. Often several people are affected and can’t perform their tasks until the problem is solved. Scheduled maintenance and solving problems before they cause problems will improve the utilization rate of your equipment.

Properly inflated tires are also important to ensure that the risk for tire failures is reduced. You should always check the heavy equipment manual or better yet the tires technical manual; to ensure that you have the correct tire pressure and that you have correct tire for the load and its usage.

The pressure in heavy equipment tires is very high and can cause harm to personnel that are working with the tires. If you have a tire failure, you should always depressurize the tire before you start working on it. Also when you inflate the tire, you should do it with protection, a tire cage is the best and safest. This will protect you and your staff from serious injuries that can come from accidents during the inflation process. The tire pressure is so high that fatalities are not uncommon.

A harvesterfor example have big heavy harvester tires, that if they would get cut or crack, it will be more challenging to change them in the forest, than during a scheduled maintenance. When you have breakdowns off site, it will be more costly to repair and your forwarder will also have to wait until the harvester is repaired or replaced. This is the reason why breakdowns are so costly as it delays the job, or lowers the output with the same personnel and equipment cost and then you can add the increased repair costs for doing off-site repairs.

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The Roughest Conditions For Tires Must Be Within Mining

Just looking at the mining environment you can imagine that this is some of the roughest conditions. You need to have ultra-durable tires for them to survive in this type of an atmosphere and you need to have really heavy equipment. These machines have to be able to carry enormous loads as well as be able to drive up and down from the mines. So, you need to have superb traction and engines that can power the equipment with these loads despite the uphill.

Sharp rocks and stones combined with extreme loads make this probably the toughest environment only for the toughest tires. The sizes of these tires are impressive and some of the biggest ones are enormous, so you can just imagine changing one of these tires. If a tire will crack or get cut and a tire needs to be changed, it will be both costly and time consuming and reduce the intended output. This is the main reason that when the tire selection is done, there is a lot of emphasis on how crack and cut resistant the tires are and how durable they are, to ensure that you improve output and limit any expensive downtime.

You often tend to have different tires for the different operating conditions, where underground loading applications, which are able to provide an extremely cut and crack resistant tire to protect the tires from accidental cuts in the harsh mining operations. They also have to manage extreme loads to ensure a smooth operation with as little downtime as possible.

Nokian Tyres offer special mining tires to ensure that you get long operating time out of the tires.  These tires are made with an extreme cut and crack resistant tire compound. The remaining tread depth can easily be checked from the side of the tire, through a groove indicator, which makes it easy to quickly make an assessment.

Some of the main equipment used in mining are the mine loader underground also known as LDL, load-haul-dump loaders, articulated dump truck, drill rigs, wheeled excavators. The needs are pretty much the same for all the tires for these equipment, long lasting durable tires with good cut and crack resistance to avoid any downtime due to tire failure. Check the tires technical manual to make your selection and check the tire pressure.

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