Flotation Tires Role In Farming

One might wonder what a flotation tire is, well a flotation tire is a tire that more or less floats on the surface due to large surface area that is in contact with the surface. This is thus perfect for soft surfaces and when you want to avoid too much soil compaction, which can reduce the yield. These tires prevent you from sinking into soft surfaces and risking getting stuck. As most surfaces you will encounter within agriculture fit into these conditions, this makes flotation a good choice at least when you don’t have winter conditions.

The flotation tire is designed to be very wide, but there is more focus on spreading the surface area to as big area as possible. They are designed for minimum impact on the surface on which they drive.  This is what makes them great for most farming applications, where there is a need for both on and off-road driving.

If your farming work will need some great flotation tires, then you have the Nokian Country King tire, which is a great tire that gives you all the benefits from a flotation tire, such as large contact area and low rolling resistance. These tires work perfectly both on and off-road and can carry very high loads. To be able to carry the heavy loads, they have been steel belt reinforced, so that there is no problem to drive on rocky terrain, soft terrain as well as on roads. The driving comfort is great regardless of where you drive and with the low impact on the soil, it will improve your yield compared to using normal tires. They are also easy to clean for good tire maintenance, which ensures long lifetime of these very durable tires.

Also your trailers will need to have flotation tires if that is the best tire for your conditions. So both trailers and slurry tankers should be equipped with flotation tires to ensure that they don’t get stuck or compact the soil too much. Check the tire pressure for the different tires in the technical tire manual to avoid excessive wear or increased pressure on the sidewalls. Tire maintenance such as cleaning and visual inspection should be done daily at the end of the workday. Tread depth can easily be monitored through the Driving Safety Indicator DSI).

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